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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reason to Excercise

My Gabe and I went to Barnes and Nobles.  He loves to rummage through the books.  It is so nice to sit around and listen to him make up stories with the pictures in the books.  He also likes to move from chair to chair when he changes from one story to the next.  Well, he was having such a GREAT time telling about all the animals in Diego's field journal.  Then he got up to change seats.  "Come over here, Mommy! Come sit with me!"  As I moved to sit down he said, "Not there! Your hiney's to big."

I had to laugh!  But I also took that in to mentally process....And I proudly announce that it was my 3 day jogging 3 miles.  9 miles this week! Even with the virus going around the house!  I would like to thank my husband for watching the kids so I could do this.  Yeah, I know I am acting like I just won a fancy award.

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  1. way to go! I have done 3 miles 3 times this week too haha! keep it up! you will be running a marathon in no time! there are a couple of 5k's coming up Bobby and I are running in, you should enter!