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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mr. Mac

                                                                         MY MAC!!!

I went to do all the paper work for Mac's service plan yesterday.  His speech teachers are so happy with how he is doing, and are sad to see him change from the preschool speech services to services for children school age.  He and Daniel will have the same therapist next year, very exciting!!!

At 4 months of age, Mac received speech services 3 times a week.  By the age of 3, we were down to twice a week.  Last August, he started receiving one half hour session a week.  And this summer, is the first summer that he will go without weekly services.  This has been a long time coming!  I have had therapist in my home or have driven him places every week for the last 5 years!  I had no idea how much stress this caused.

But he is doing so wonderful!  There are some people that can't tell that he has a moderately severe hearing loss.  His "s", "z", "th", and "sh" sounds are a little slushy.  Sometimes, he mixes the sounds (substitutes "th" for "s").  Other than that, most people can't tell.  He is a very verbal little boy.

Mac is accepted by all.  He has assimilated into the hearing and Deaf worlds.  There aren't many people who are accepted.  Mac has the ability to hop between the Deaf and Hearing cultures without missing a beat.  He has a gift of accepting others as they are and being accepted in return.

Mac's personality is loud (just like his speech).  He brightens up the room as soon as he walks in.  And then causes laughter to break out across the room as soon as he finds whatever mischief that he is going to get into.  He is kind and loving.  He is hypersensitive to people and their feelings.  He is confident and will tell you so.


I am very excited about having my summer without services again.  But more than that, I thank GOD that he gave me the opportunity to be the mother of this little boy.  And that the HEAVENLY FATHER gave Mac the wonderful personality that will help shape his future.  What an amazing gift.

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