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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Real Food-Beef Wellington

What a day!!!  I decided yesterday that I wanted to make Beef Wellington.  But guess what....When making a puff pastry from scratch it really needs to be done the day before, so the Wellington got pushed off a day.  It was SO worth it!!

Puff Pastry Recipe  (this is the quick recipe, but it still takes hours.  Or you can buy one at the grocery store)
Roast cut into about 2x2 strips (estimate)
Fresh Mushrooms diced fine
Mustard (yep, the yellow kind)
Egg wash (eggs beat so you can use it like a paint)

                                                 Puff Pastry (even though I used only 3/4 of the butter it called for)
Next day, brown roast, paint with mustard, wrap with prosciutto, and let rest in the fridge.
Meanwhile, heat diced mushrooms in the pan to allow all the water from the mushrooms to come out.
Then, roll out dough, add mushrooms, then beef.

Brush the egg wash around the side and wrap.
                                               Note the size of the beef and the egg wash
                                             Here it is rolled
                                         Then brush with egg wash and make small cuts

Cook on 425 for about 40 minutes
Super yummy!!!  Even the kids ate it without complaining.
I added spinach salad and strawberries to make the meal complete.  And if you ask my mom or sisters, a meal isn't complete unless the plate is colorful.

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