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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reason for Recent Weather

With all of the recent floods and tornadoes, the news has been (understandably) filled with stories and pictures.  Seeing all of that, Hannah has been asking a LOT of questions about Katrina.  She was 21 months when Katrina hit.  Last night at dinner, she started asking more questions. Most of the questions revolved around whether or not there was mud in the peoples' homes.  And then she asked, why it all has happened.  Did God know that it was going to happen?  If so, why did He allow it happen.  Daniel said, "After Katrina, we were at Walmart.  We were walking out of the store when Dad called to tell Mom that our house flooded. She sat down and cried."  He remembered!  He had just turned 4.  I was amazed.

Then Wayne, full of wisdom through the Holy Spirit, said, "Hannah, I believe that all of this is happening to get Christian up and about His business.  Just like Katrina, and now with the floods and tornadoes.  The church is mobilizing.  There are lots of people who need God right now.  They need to know that He sees them in their time of hurt and loss.  They need to feel loved and cared for.  The Christians who go and help in other's times of need show how great and wonderful God is.  Many Christians have been praying for the people of the United States to love God again.  Maybe it will happen.  But only if we do our part.  Only if we do what we need to do which is being about God's business."

What a wonderful dinner conversation!  I pray that we will be about God's business.

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