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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Real Food Challenge

So my husband decided that at some point in the near future he'd like to lose weight. 


He wants to cut out processed foods.

That's good for you, but I can see extra work in my future....

It's a good idea to cut out any ingredient the kids can't read.

Ahhhh! I knew it! Extra work for me! Challenge accepted (He knows he's loved)

So I decided to give it a go first, see how it works. When pay day comes around, I'll start making shopping choices to switch the whole family over, but I'm the Lone Eater for now. Note: they will eat what I make. If "real food" is what is cooked, they have no choice but to eat it.

So step 1:Research

Step 2: It's not pay day, so how can I do this without going shopping. To the pantry, Bat-Man!

I need to make changes to the rules on the web link above to fit my budget.

1. Meats, veggies, fruits, milk, cheeses are all acceptable.
2. If it was a staple 100 years ago, it's a staple now. (This is how I'm justifying my flour, grits, and sugar. Anyone who says grits isn't real food is insane.)
3. If the kids can read the ingredients list, it's acceptable.

Step 3: Cooking

Rolls made for lunches. The kids are use to this, so it can be incorporated immediately. (Thank you bread machine!!!)

 Looks like Kraft, but it's not.  Elbow macaroni, heavy cream, butter, and cheese. They had no idea it didn't come from Kraft. 

Here we go.....

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