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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 2

Awesome things happen with leftover homemade bread, olive oil, and spices....See my croutons!!!
                                                          SO PROUD!!
We didn't eat them though. We ate.......
This is chicken tacos on whole wheat tortillas, cheese, and white sauce (sour cream, cream cheese, home grown cayenne peppers, and stock from the chicken).

These were dry beans, not canned :)
In the beans, I put dry beans, water, bell pepper, onion, and molasses in the crockpot.  Please don't ask for measurements...I'd have to say enough.

But seriously.....I want ice cream.....This isn't hard. It's that I want what I'm not allowing myself to have.  I'm glad Mac asked for an ice-cream machine for Christmas. If "Real Food" sticks, an ice-cream machine will be useful.

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