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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Switched at Birth" Reaction

I just watched the 3rd episode of "Switched at Birth". The first 2 episodes aren't available yet.

Brief History- Two baby girls are switched in the hospital.  Many years later, they introduce the girls to their real parents, and one set finds out their real daughter is Deaf.  And the two families are complete opposites and trying to learn to live together.

My older sister asked for my reaction.  I am not sure what to say.  There are so many levels of emotion, even in the one episode.

I had some "Hey, that's cool"  moments.  Especially when I watched the section when Daphne (Deaf) was in her room.  The poster on the wall......Yea, I've seen that movie.
And just so you know, the interpreters in the video chat rooms, don't tell you what to say and not say.  They only interpret.  Although, I do find it funny that the interpreter was telling the guy that what he was saying, you aren't suppose to say to a girl.  That though, was more for hearing people. Also, Marlee Matlin is AwEsOmE in what ever she appears in.

On an emotional level, I found sections frustrating.  Mostly because no one would give Bay (Hearing) any information on her father.  Just that the entire situation was painful and that he had no interest in being a dad.  All the parents go out of their way to connect with Daphne, but when Bay wants information (reasonable information) she is shut down.  Things are hard enough already, and now the small amount of information that she wants is denied.  Bay's lost in her emotion. She was always different and now she has to compete for attention with the people that raised her. AND her biological mother is shutting her out while giving everyone grief about not being more honest.

As a mom of a Hard of Hearing child, I find the show encouraging.  They are introducing Deafness as a culture....which it is.  And they are trying to educate people on that culture. (As an aside, I hope that they don't go as Liberal on t.v. Where is would be accurate, I don't think that it would go over well.)  I don't think that they thought through the script very well.  They have lots of expressions that a Deaf person, who attends a Deaf school, wouldn't understand.  And since the actress was diagnosed recently with a hearing loss, she doesn't know that they are using phrases that she wouldn't understand if she had been born Deaf. Daphne's friend I think will be my favorite.  He is the most genuine Deaf character.  He seemed to display the confidence in who he is and in his world that is so integral to that people group.  Mac is the same way.  He is so proud and upfront about who he is.  It's the "this is me and I am not going to change myself for you" mentality.  

Like I said, I haven't seen the 1st two episodes.  I am hoping that they went though some of the emotions that a parent goes through when you find out your child can't hear.  The sense of loss and helplessness.  The overwhelming emotion of not knowing what to do or where to go.  The steps of grief and confusion to the realization (most of the time) you feel blessed to have such an exceptional little being in your family.  Sometimes I wish I could fix it, but those are rare. ( And I think that I had an easier time than most parent since I was not alone.  I have/had my parents and sisters to help me through it.)  I know that is a lot of emotion to show in 2 shows, but they all come so fast.  Like in waves, rolling over and over your being. 

There is so much that they can do with this.  I am interested with which directions they choose to take.
Right now, I guess I would classify this show with a "hmmmm" while rubbing my chin and pondering.

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