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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Past Hannah Quotes

Hannah saw the twilight guys on the door at Burger King. She said , "Why would that pale guy agree to have his picture by the guy in the muscle shirt? He's a hottie."

The kids were watching an animal show on TV and they started talking about Mandrills. Hannah said, "You would be mean too if everyone called you 'blue butt'!"

Hannah on her business name, "No, I think I need something a little more catchy."

Hannah, "Do you think Dad is trying to trick us?" Daniel, "It's a possibility." Hannah, "Clearly."

Hannah said, "I going to be better than Vera Ellen!"

Hannah-"Call me 'Princess of the Cannon ball'!" Then she jumps close to Daniel. Daniel-"Call me 'King of Splash me and You're Dead'!"

Hannah strongly hints, "sometimes kiwi helps me think...."

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